Chinese Medicated Diet

紫莧菜 Purple Amaranth

Chinese Medicated Diet Background and History

Chinese Medicated Diet therapy, under the guidance of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, utilizes food with or without herbal medicine to promote physical health, rehabilitation, delay aging, prevent and treat medical diseases.

Food is the source of nutrients which supports bodily function, growth and development and which promotes longevity.

Over the past 5000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has developed systemic theories, principles and methods of long-term health care which have contributed greatly to the health and longevity of the Chinese people.


The History of Chinese Medicated Diet Development


Started in the Zhou Dynasty 周朝, authorities called “Diet Doctors” prescribed a “Chinese Medicated Diet Therapy” as part of the medical treatment plan for their patients.

In the Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties 魏,晋,南北朝, the book Shi Jing 食经 (The Classic on Diet) was developed, further defining and setting out the nourishing properties and functions of food.

孙思邈: “…是故食能排邪而安臟腑,悅神爽志以資血氣…”

Sun Simiao 孙思邈, the author of the Qian Jin Yao Fang 千金要方, held the view that restorative treatments using food should never be dismissed. He said: “Appropriate food can help fight pathogens, tranquilize Zang and Fu (internal organs) , arouse the brain and reinforce blood and Qi.”

嵇康 “养身论”: “修身保神”,“服食养生”

In his book Yang Sheng Lun 养身论, Ji Kang 嵇康 advocated  two methods for health care: the first being to maintain a good spirit by cultivating one’s character; the second being to stay in shape through proper eating, with the emphasis on the latter. This certainly demonstrates that the ancient Chinese had a solid understanding of the role of proper eating in maintaining health and longevity.

In the Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties 宋,明,清时期, the understanding of Chinese medicated diets was further polished and matured. Important medicated diet treatment principles were further developed and the use of Medicated Diets to promote physical health,  rehabilitation, delay aging and to treat medical illnesses became very popular.

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